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Welcome to the Framer X Docs. This documentation should, when finished, include everything you need to know about our new product.

We are still updating our docs. If you are missing any topics please let us know by filing an issue on Github and we will try to have it in here soon.

Minimum Requirements

In order to use the latest version of Framer, you must be running macOS Sierra (version 10.12.6) or higher. Framer runs perfectly on every Mac, from a MacBook to a Mac Pro.

Getting Framer

Downloading Framer X

During beta, Framer X will be invite only.

Framer Subscription

Framer subscriptions come in three different variations. You can find our current pricing and features at our pricing page.

  • Trial: Temporary subscription for evaluation only.

  • Personal: Personal subscription for individuals, freelancers and students.

  • Company: Commercial companies teams with >2 users.

Framer pricing was designed to support a sustainable business model that keeps Framer affordable for a diverse range of individuals through focusing on charging commercial companies for the value that they get out of our product. Commercial teams trying to use licenses aimed at individuals will receive increasingly stronger suggestions to correct license types.

If you are an individual that for any reason still cannot afford Framer please let us know and we are happy to work something out with you. We want everyone to be able to use our tool to become the best designer they can be.

Note: If you are a current individual Framer subscription holder (or buy one today), it will be valid for Framer X too.

Getting Help and Support

For questions on how to achieve something it's best to use the public Framer group or the Framer X beta feedback group so others can learn from it too. You are free to Tweet to us and we'll try to pick it up too.

For general questions about the app and how to do something contact our support channel for private support. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response, we are still a small team.

Note: Sorry about the Facebook only groups, but the combination of real identity and the format contribute to a thriving and welcome community.