Beta Program

Last updated 4 months ago

Beta Program

The Framer X beta program was designed to both get feedback from our most advanced users and ensure the application is in a great state when released to the general public. The idea is to quickly invite new users as long as we don't run into serious technical or user experience issues that block usage.

Beta Features

An overview of the current feature state:

  1. Beta I – August 1st, 2018 Majority of the design features, design components, basic store functionality and code components are ready for testing. The Framer.js library is only partly available, and code functions are missing.

  2. Beta II – August 21st, 2018 Focus on code, supporting the previous Framer workflow with code overrides, state management, using design components from code, code exporting and a more complete Framer.js library.

  3. Beta III – September 4th, 2018 Focus on Live Previewing on device with real-time updates.

Feature Overview

Items crossed out are not on beta yet, but planned for release and should show up in a later beta.

  • Interface: login, signup, canvas, properties, tools, layers, components, store.

  • Canvas: navigation, selection, editing.

  • Layout: (auto) hierarchy, (auto) positioning, frames, images, text, stacks.

  • Drawing: shapes, path editing, styling, grouping, boolean operations.

  • Import / Export: paste, Sketch paste, image exporting, SVG exporting, code export.

  • Preview: window, frame selection, device, presentation mode, mobile preview, remote preview, inspector, print.

  • Interactive: link, scroll, page.

  • Design Components: panel, organization, search, master, instance, overrides, nesting, use from code.

  • Store: browse, search, install, update, private company store.

  • Sharing: cloud, web project.

  • Code Components: creation, editing, interface props, canvas children.

  • Code Overrides: creation, editing, state.

  • Code Library: animation, interpolation, events, gestures, components.

  • Packages: publish, update, versioning, dependencies.

How You can Help

We will use your feedback to improve, accelerate the rollout and ensure the highest quality at general release. Typical things we would like feedback on are:

  • Bugs and Issues – Things that break and we should fix. Ideally with a screen recording, the file and general errors so we can try to reproduce.

  • First Experiences – Things that seem odd when you explore the app for the first time, often things that are hard to still see for us.

  • Real World Usage – What do you run into when you try to build design systems, import existing components, etc.

You can reach us via Facebook, Slack, Email or Twitter.

Before You Begin

While Framer X looks very similar to other design tools on the surface, there are some differences that can throw you off if you are not prepared. These are the most common ones we see:

  • Understand the main ideas behind Framer X.

  • Learn the difference between

  • Learn how to use the command key to:

    • Select any object directly on the canvas independent of the hierarchy.

    • Temporarily disable the hierarchy guessing system while manipulating objects.

  • Learn how to import your designs from Sketch through copy paste.


We are working on bringing Framer X to Windows as well. Sign up to our special Windows list to get a message as soon as it is ready.