Beta 2

Last updated 4 months ago

What’s New

The main focus for Beta 2 is code. While you can do many things in Framer X without code, you do need it for advanced interactions and animations, writing custom components and managing state. The result is a design tool without any limits. You can now add event handlers and animations to any Frame with code overrides, and build entire projects with state to communicate between different components, like a Todo list with real data, mixing both design and code components. If you were using Framer Studio before, this update will provide a set of features to do everything you could do in Studio, but better. It has a slightly different approach, so it might take some time to get used to, but the result will be faster, cleaner and more organized code. Keep in mind that it’s the first iteration and still has some rough edges, so bear with us as we keep improving it over the coming weeks.

New Code Features

  • Design components can now be imported from code.

  • Design components can now expose some properties (text, image fill).

  • Overrides (for properties) can now be defined from code.

  • Introducing Data for keeping application state.

Learn more about code.

See the full release notes on the Framer site.