Additional Features

Last updated 5 months ago

In this section we cover all of the additional tools available to you in Framer Design. You can access this set of features by right clicking on your layers in the layer list, on the canvas or the canvas itself.

Forward & Backward

Use this to quickly reorder hierarchy. Selecting a layer, right-clicking on it and then selecting forward will move the layer higher up in the layer list, while backward will move it down. When you move a layer back and forward, its child layers will move with it.


Selecting a frame or shape and right-clicking on it and then selecting duplicate will copy and paste it onto the canvas, along with all the properties and child layers it contains. You can also use the shortcut +D. Duplicate frames will be placed to the right of the original frame, while duplicate layers will be stacked on top of the original layer.


Selecting a frame or shape and right-clicking delete (or shortcut +X or Backspace) will immediately remove it, along with all the child layer it contains.

Remove Frame

Selecting a frame and right-clicking remove frame (or shortcut +Backspace) will only remove the current Frame. It will not affect the child layers it contains.