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Link tool

The link tool

How it works

Framer X comes with a built-in Link tool. Simply by selecting the tool (or using the shortcut L) you will be able to connect one Frame and draw a line to another (or by selecting the target from the properties window) and you will be able to create an advanced flow in a matter of seconds, without any coding involved!


The Link tool also comes with a wide variety of options that you can choose from. There are different transitions that you can pick from to get your flow working just the way you want it to. These transitions are:

  • Push

  • Overlay

  • Modal

  • Instant

  • Flip

Scroll tool

How it works

The Scroll tool will allow you to quickly draw an invisible area on top of a selection which will immediately become scrollable. Once created, you can link this to any Frame, which will mirror the content inside of your Scroll area. Make an update in the Frame and it will be reflected in your Scrollable area immediately.


The Scroll tool also lets you choose which directions you can use your scrolling: horizontally, vertically or both. When you choose both then you can also lock the direction to prevent scrolling diagonally. You can also select the mouse wheel to be turned on or off, so that you can perfectly simulate a mobile experience.


The Scroll tool also comes with nesting capabilities. So it is now possible to easily put a horizontal scrollable area within a vertical scrollable area. Perfect for when you are creating advanced prototypes!


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