In some cases users may suddenly see a white/black screen in the Preview window, instead of their projects being presented. The reason for this is that the Framer Library has been updated and you need You can resolve this by:

  • Go to File in your taskbar

  • Click Update Framer Library

  • Click Update

Preview should now work as intended again.

Library up-to-date, Preview still not showing anything

Please hit the refresh icon (or CMD + R ) a few times in the top right corner of your preview window.

Always keep the Framer Library up-to-date

During the Framer X Beta period we will be making tweaks continuously in order to provide you with more features and an overall better experience. This can also lead to you seeing bugs in the mean time. When you see an issue appear, please first check if the blue Update Library button is present in the bottom left of your Framer X Beta app and click it. If the issue persists then please let us know.