Can I pay through Invoicing?

Yes, we offer Invoicing for accounts paying over USD $500 per month.

Is there a minimum number of users?

Yes, our Team Accounts start at 5 users. If you have a unique situation with a smaller team, please contact us and we can explore options.

How do I add users?

During onboarding when we train new teams on Framer X, we typically see other designers at the company wanting access. If you underestimated your license needs, you can always reach out to your dedicated Account Manager and they will help you add more users quickly and easily.

Why is there a 12 month term?

We take our team partnerships very seriously, and it's our commitment to make every team that's hoping to adopt Framer X into their workflow a success. To ensure this we invest significant human resources in the form of tailored training sessions, priority troubleshooting and support, and always share best practices on how to get the most out of Framer as a team. In order to provide this level of service and continue to develop the tool that will supercharge your workflow, we require a 12 month commitment. We have a 95%+ Team renewal rate that reflects our customers feelings towards this partnership approach.

What does onboarding and training really mean?

Depending on your team size, we have a few different playbooks for how to best onboard teams and get your designers ramped up on Framer X. To ensure that it's valuable for everyone, the training plan is always tailored to the experience level of the team as well as any particular areas of focus (e.g. designing with real data, advanced prototyping).

Do you offer trials?

Please get in touch with your main contact at Framer, or contact our sales team at sales@framer.com to discuss if a trial would make sense.

Can I use Framer X behind a proxy?

Yes. When using Framer X21 or newer, Framer will automatically detect your proxy settings and securely connect to the Store.

Note that using Live Preview through a proxy server only works if it supports the CONNECT method.